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Dr. McDonald first traveled for a foreign mission with his father when he was 8 years old.  Since then he has traveled to many countries including China, India, Chad, Cameroon, Kenya, Guatemala and others. 

Many different medical conditions are treated including malaria, skin diseases, preventative medicine, pediatric care, trauma, dental care, eye disorders and dispensing of thousands of eye glasses. 

Some of the pictures are shocking but they have a happy ending.  Please remember that each of us have a responsibility to help those in need.  As the famous Dr. David Livingstone said so simply, "Sympathy is no substitute for action."

This two year old child arrived in our mobile clinic and was not able to open his eyes.  He had a high fever and his mother was also very ill.  We were able to give him medicine and within two days he was feeling better and able to move around.







This young girl had a tumor that blocked one of her eyes from being able to work.  Doctors were able to remove the tumor and she was able to see with both eyes, also as an added bonus she was much more accepted in her village. 




These children are about to be let out of school for the day.  No matter where you are, a child's smile brings Joy!